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Top 5 Ratings

Corporal 1st RØADKILL™ÑØS
Corporal 2nd OddThomastmNOS
Corporal 3rd SquidHead™ÑØS
Lance Corporal 1st Memnon™ÑØS
Lance Corporal 1st Spacecowboy™ÑØS

Top 5 Kills

Corporal 1st RØADKILL™ÑØS
Corporal 2nd OddThomastmNOS
Corporal 3rd SquidHead™ÑØS
Lance Corporal 2nd Yankee®ebel™ÑØS
Lance Corporal 1st Memnon™ÑØS

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Server and Game Rules   

Server and Game Rules: Please Read and Follow. Thanks and Have Fun!




1. No laying on hills or any uneven ground

2. No left leaning

3. No shooting while standing on ladders, you must keep moving

4. No shooting through walls, sandbags, etc. If you're not sure about your position use F4 to check yourself

5. No racism, sexism or other types of discriminatory language or behavior

6. No foul, disrespectful or unbecoming language or behavior

7. No harrasment of other players

8. Do not accuse other players of cheating, hacking or glitching. If you have a concern please address it with a Squad member

9. No recruiting. We respect other squads and expect the same




1. Spawn camping is allowed

2. Claying of armories is allowed

3. Quickscoping is allowed

4. Laying on open, flat ground and on buildings or other flat structures is allowed


We welcome all players and strive to provide a fair, honest, respectful and friendly environment for all.


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